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Here are some of my favorite links that didn't make the front page.

Merlin's Eye
Personal Page of Megan Paige Madonna Lee
Soul Taco
Megan's brother is in a band. They're pretty good.
QonoS` MaxWebPortal
Megan's husband's gamer (RPG) page
User Friendly
Home of the Dust Puppy!
My favorite Linux
Jump The Shark
When good TV goes bad
Drudge Report
News and rumor with a conservative slant
Maryland Renaissance Festival
Yes, we go in costume!
Ren Radio
Listen to your favorite Celtic and Renaissance Faire musicians
Good Eats Fan Page
Alton Brown IS the man!
Alton Brown.com
Who da man?
Top Secret Recipes on the Web
Todd Wilbur's recipe clones are fantastic!
Dilbert.com - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
I did study engineering, after all, and I have all the Dilbert dolls in my office
movie clips games funny virals funny emails and email attachments
Don't visit Kontraband.com from your work computer. Not Suitable For Work!




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